Our Company

Hayashi Wayland Celebrated 45 years in 2021

How does a company continually move forward? By combining the experience of a respected team with the energy and strength needed to lead others to growth and financial security.

Our Mission

Provide clients with exceptional service, our team with fulfilling and successful careers, and our community with generosity.

Our Guiding Principles

Hayashi Wayland’s guiding principles direct the firm’s governing decisions, practices and conduct. These guiding principles are based on virtues; virtues are unchanging, they create clarity in expectations, and they reside in behaviors that are honorable and promote the common good. Our guiding principles are:


Show empathy and sincere concern for the well-being of others.


Strive, everyday, to achieve the best in all we do.


Give without expectations of return and appreciate when one has done that for you.


Keep a modest estimate of our own worth in order to elevate others before ourselves.


Act in all endeavors ethically, honestly and professionally.


Recognize the dignity in others by treating them with courtesy, honor and fairness.


Be loyal to our responsibility of fostering and safeguarding what others entrust to us.

Our Vision

Driven by our mission and guided by our principles, we envision a growing, dynamic firm distinguished by its culture, its breadth and quality of services, and its enduring commitment to our clients, team and community.

In 1976, Douglas Hayashi and Warren Wayland opened the doors to Hayashi Wayland.

They based their partnership on the belief that a firm should measure its success by the success of its clients. They also believed that as a member of the community, the firm should work to strengthen it. Today, Hayashi Wayland has grown to become the premier professional services firm on the Central Coast. Guided by the beliefs of our founders, we offer the greatest number of services of any firm in the area, from traditional accounting services services to financial planning, and other consulting services.

The Hayashi Wayland team is known to take on the tough or complex issues of business owners and individuals – and excel. You are more than a tax engagement or audit or estate plan…you are an important story for us to hear. We want to advise and guide you through challenges, to the next leap in growth and the next generation of prosperity.

Hayashi Wayland keeps clients for 10, 20 even 30 years because of one simple premise — we do what it takes to solve problems and sustain relationships. Our level of service, our team’s experience and our dedication makes us the go-to firm in the market. Test us. We’ll get it done for you.

At Hayashi Wayland, clients get our best. We teach very high standards to our team members, and they stay with us for a long time. This helps us keep clients for years and sometimes for generations. We often work with organizations as they start up and support them every step of the way with tax and accounting help as well as with ideas and advice.

At a time when you can’t count on much to stay the same, Hayashi Wayland has been constant – providing professional services and resources to clients and the community since 1976. Our involvement, attention and staying power casts a level of assurance and encouragement for the future of businesses, community organizations and families in our region.


2021 Golden Pine Cone Award – “Best Accountants in Monterey County”
2021, 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016 Monterey County Weekly – “Best CPA”
2020 Salinas Valley Readers’ Choice – “Best Known for Giving Back to the Community”
2021, 2020 Salinas Valley Readers’ Choice – “Best Tax Preparer/Tax Prep Service”
2021, 2020 Salinas Valley Readers’ Choice – “Best Investment Firm and Best Investment Advisor, Scott Brubaker”
2021, 2020, 2017 Monterey Herald Readers’ Choice – “Best Tax Preparer/CPA”
2015 Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year
2015, 2011, 2006, 2004 The Californian’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Accounting & Tax Services Firm in the Salinas Valley
2015 Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s 29th Annual Business Excellence Awards – Top Professional Services Award
2014 Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award: Warren Wayland
2013 Salinas Club Rotarian of the Year – Mike Nolan
2012 Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s 26th Annual Business Excellence Awards – Top Professional Services Award
2011 California State University Monterey Bay Business Leadership Award – Michael Briley
2009 Monterey Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award

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