How the Federal Reserve Fights Inflation

With inflation recently rising to levels not seen in decades, the Federal Reserve is taking steps to stabilize prices. Watch this short video to learn what tools the Federal Reserve uses to fight inflation.

Protecting Wealth With a Life Insurance Trust

A life insurance trust is an estate planning tool for maximizing the value of an estate passed to one’s heirs. Learn how a life insurance trust works and how it may help you protect wealth.

Valuing Your Business

A business valuation helps to determine the fair market value of a company and may be needed for a variety of reasons such as buying or selling a business, transferring equity, developing an estate plan or purchasing insurance. In this video, we’ll cover why you might need a valuation and the common methodologies used to determine value.

Tax Implications of the Infrastructure Act

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law. In this video, we will cover three tax-related provisions that may affect you and your business.

Leveraging a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust

The lifetime gift tax exemption is at an all-time high of $11.7 million per individual and $23.4 million per couple but may be reduced in the near future by potential legislation. This video provides an overview of the Spousal Lifetime Access Trust and how it can help couples maximize their lifetime gift tax exemption.

SBA Enhances the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

The SBA has modified and enhanced the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program to expand both eligibility and program benefits. In this video, we’ll quickly cover the changes and how they might help you and your business.

The Real Economy: October 2021

Fragile supply chains are facing another round of port closures, shutdowns, halts and labor shortages as the delta variant spreads.

House Ways and Means Committee Proposed Tax Changes

The House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee recently released draft legislation that would increase taxes to help pay for the proposed $3.5 trillion spending package. In this video, we briefly cover some of the more important proposed tax changes.

Tax Benefits of Opportunity Zone Funds

The proposed plan to increase long-term capital gains tax rates has motivated investors to seek opportunities to defer and reduce capital gains taxes. Opportunity Zone Funds have been increasing in popularity because of their ability to defer and reduce capital gains. Watch now to learn more about Opportunity Zone Funds.