Recruitment process: At Hayashi Wayland recruiting the right candidates is a firm-wide initiative. We are typically on campus hosting events, participating in career fairs or meet the firm days, and conducting interviews in the Fall. Our interview process consists of candidates meeting with various individuals, at all levels of our firm, to help them learn more about who we are and what we do.



The right internship can be an influential part of shaping a successful and rewarding career. Our internships provide you with the same exposure as our associate hires and insight into the career opportunities and lifestyle of a public accounting firm. Internships typically run from the middle of June until the beginning of August; approximately 8 weeks. We begin interviewing in the Fall for positions the following summer.
Summer Internship Program


As you begin your career in the accounting field, we want to ensure that you are provided the training and experience needed to excel. We provide new team members over 100 hours of annual training in their first three years with the Firm. This training will help develop your skills in audit and tax, as well as enhance your personal skills, all of which will advance your career. Our program will include national training with peers from across RSM US network firms both live and virtual. You will also receive hands on training and coaching. We understand how important obtaining your CPA license as a new graduate and that is why we offer you tools to help you succeed. We offer discounted exam preparation materials through Becker CPA review, time off to take the exam and financial rewards for those who pass the exam within 24 months of their start date with the Firm.


At Hayashi Wayland we seek to provide you experiences, skills and relationships that promote the career you desire now and in the future. You will be assigned a mentor who will work closely with you to provide training about process and procedures, serve as a solid resource for any of your questions and integrate you into the firm. As a member of our team you will be working with a career advisor who assists you in creating your unique career plan, creates opportunities for you to reach your goals, and works with you to achieve personal and professional success. We are excited about the ideas that you will share and the opportunities you will pursue!

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What can I expect on my first day, week, month, year on the job?

You will start off with a Week of Welcome! This jam-packed, fun, interactive week will introduce you to your new team members and our culture. You will be assigned a mentor who will work closely with you to provide specific training about process and procedures, as well as a solid resource for any of your questions. As a member of our team you will be working with a career advisor who will help you establish performance and career goals. In the following weeks, you will be assigned audit and tax work where you will gain first hand experience and the opportunity to interact with clients. We also assign our new hires a small business client to work with, enabling you to understand the nuts and bolts of accounting from the clients’ perspective. During each step of the process our team members work with you to ensure that you are given the necessary resources to succeed.

Do I have to select a tax or audit career path before I begin?

Some individuals know from the start what career path they are interested in pursuing, but many are looking for hands on experience before they determine what will be best for them. At Hayashi Wayland, you are given the unique opportunity to experience both the audit and tax departments. During your first few years with the Firm, you can experience both working environments and determine what would be best suited for you. Do you already have a career path chosen? No problem. We will work to align your work assignments with the career path of your choice.

How much will I be expected to travel?

Most of our client base resides within the Tri-County area of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties so travel is generally limited and required overnight stay is rare. Our average commutes to clients are generally under 30 minutes.


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