About Us

Our Team

  • Douglas Hayashi, CPA

    Co-Founder & Partner 1977-2006
  • F. Warren Wayland, CPA

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner 1977-2009
  • Cecil Robbins, CPA

    Partner 1989-2007
  • Sunny Wong, CPA

    Partner 2006-2010
  • Sherrie Isaac, CPA

    Partner 1989-2014


  • Michael T. Briley, CPA, CGMA

    Managing Partner

    As Managing Partner, Mike assumes many roles and responsibilities. He works with every department, guides operations and strategies, and helps clients with audit, tax and consulting services.

  • Scott Brubaker, CFA

    Partner in Charge of Investment Services

    With an extensive background in financial analysis and education in investment management, Scott is a CFA Charterholder and is a member of the CFA Institute.

  • Gina Cochetti, CPA, MST

    Tax Partner

    Gina’s roots in agriculture, business and taxes run deep. She works with individuals, medium to large sized agricultural businesses and closely held companies.

  • Rob Lee, CPA

    Partner in Charge of the Carmel Office

    Rob specializes in taxation, management advisory and consulting services ─ and has a good time doing it. He works with individuals, business owners and large extended families.

  • Mike Nolan, CPA, CFE, CGMA

    Partner in Charge of the Audit Department

    Auditing and fraud are two demanding specialties, and Mike’s a leading expert in both. He works with agriculture, technology, manufacturing, retail, government and nonprofit clients.

  • Autumn J. Rossi, CPA

    Audit Partner

    Synonymous with versatile, Autumn offers a wide range of services to her clients. These include financial statements, tax returns, audits, reviews and bookkeeping.

  • E. Alan Stark, CPA, MBA, CITP

    Tax Director

    Alan’s clients run the gamut from individual tax clients to large multi-million dollar companies. He specializes in tax planning and compliance ─ and good humor.

  • Bruce Dunlap, CPA, CVA


    Bruce realizes that numbers aren’t everyone’s best subject, and that finances can become even more daunting in later years. He enjoys helping people who are struggling with the complexities of financial matters.

  • John H. Gibbons, CPA


    John is known for his tremendous focus and expertise in tax, consulting and other services. He works with closely held companies, including owners and their families.

  • Carol Kolb, CPA, MST


    When she’s not wrangling numbers, helping clients succeed or volunteering, she greatly enjoys serving the community she grew up in.

  • Sandra Mason, PHR, SHRM-CP

    Director of Human Resources

    Human Resources is a natural fit for Sandee, who is all about helping people. Her enthusiasm for work is matched by an inspiring passion for volunteering.

  • Natalie Rava, CPA, MAc


    Natalie began her professional services career in the accounting departments of private industry agriculture corporations. After 20 years of this rich experience, she began working with Hayashi Wayland in 2005.

  • James Stiles, CPA


    Jim is enjoying a distinguished accounting career. In the years following college, he worked as a sole practitioner, and then co-founded a firm that ultimately became part of Hayashi Wayland in January of 2011.

  • Therese Courtney, CPA

    Senior Manager

    Diligent, responsive and communicative, Therese began working with Hayashi Wayland in 1996.

  • Kris Toscano, CPA


    Kris started his financial services career in 1991. In 1994, he began his journey to managing a family’s firm locally, and in 2014, that firm merged with Hayashi Wayland.

  • Katherine Garcia, CPA

    Senior Manager

    Guided by the self-sufficient thinking that “if you teach a person to fish” you can help them to achieve greater success, Kathy’s accounting skills include an admirable dose of teaching and empowering others.

  • Rae A. Gularte, CPA

    Senior Manager

    Rae’s noteworthy career at Hayashi Wayland began the moment her college years ended. She joined the team in 1990, the same year she graduated.

  • Kiely Holcomb, CPA, MST

    Senior Manager

    Kiely is all about variety. She works with a range of clients and enjoys the myriad of challenges they bring, so she can roll up her sleeves to help find the solutions.

  • Martina Niño, CPA

    Senior Manager

    Whether she’s delving into the nitty-gritty of numbers or the nuances of a client’s business, Martina dwells happily in details. She loves helping clients solve issues and encourages them to regard her as a resource and business ally.

  • Tyler Willis, CPA, MST

    Partner in Charge of the Tax Department

    For Tyler, two of the most satisfying aspects of being a CPA are helping clients to discover opportunities and how to avoid pitfalls in their business.

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