Accounting Solutions

After decades of assisting business owners and financial decision makers with accounting and staffing needs, we mean business when it comes to long-term financial security.

Audit & Assurance

Assessing and improving the quality of financial information can enhance decisions and worth. We work with a variety of clients, such as closely held companies, nonprofits and employee benefit plans.


Do you know your business is as profitable as it can be?  By coming together as a team, we can position your company for greater profitably and growth.

Estate & Trust Planning

Thoughtful estate planning can minimize taxes, preserve wealth, protect assets, provide long-term financial security for beneficiaries and accommodate charitable objectives. We can help.

Fraud analyst Services

Getting to the heart of financial fraud requires expertise, diligence and patience. Our fraud analysts perform forensic accounting investigations to uncover problems and implement safeguards for the future.

income tax preparation & Planning

Navigating today's complex tax laws requires deep knowledge and savvy planning. Devising and executing a solid strategy can save you time, money and resources.

Investment Services

Successful investing balances everything from risk tolerances to lifelong goals and time frames. We can help you invest for your future, business and loved ones.

Family Office

Individuals, families and family groups have unique needs. We're ready to handle them with cash flow management, future planning, bill pay, tax and estate planning.


Capture Your Worth

As the prominent firm on California's Central Coast, Hayashi Wayland has a longstanding reputation for serving diverse individuals, businesses and organizations. We provide quality solutions for all accounting, retirement planning and investment needs. We demonstrate our strong commitment to clients by sustaining deep knowledge in specific industries and strategically developing our team.

We Know Your Industry

Hayashi Wayland has helped clients succeed for over 35 years.
Your industry brings its own unique challenges and rewards. We understand them. We organize our personnel into teams who focus on specific industries. Doing so creates a "micro firm" of specialists ready to help you. You benefit immediately from our years of rich experience from working with companies like yours.


Agricultural accounting involves specific financial and management guidelines and issues. We stay current on industry trends to help you grow.

Governmental Agencies

We help our governmental agencies with changing regulations, emerging trends and best practices so they can be focused on delivering quality public service.


When it comes to healthcare, we focus on excellent financial health. We can help maximize cash flow and tax savings, while minimizing compliance risks.

NonProfit Organizations

Careful planning, insightful recommendations and responsive answers can help manage fluctuating income and operating costs, as well as nonprofit status requirements.


Decades of experience give us real-world insight into helping you maximize profits and growth, while limiting liabilities and taxes. 

Private Schools & Faith-Based Institutions

From revenue sources to nonprofit requirements, this team assists with tax, financial planning and sustainability issues.


The wine industry is very unique. We partner with our clients, providing support and proactive advice to help them grow their business and be successful. 

Hayashi Wayland Team: Individual Talents, Singular Focus
When Douglas Hayashi and Warren Wayland opened the doors to Hayashi Wayland in 1976, they had no idea that decades later, the firm would become a premier accounting firm serving the entire Central Coast.  They did, however, have strong ideas on what would guide them. They committed to measure their success by the success of their clients, and to build a stronger community.

From these two ideals, a full-service, community-minded firm emerged.  Our professionals partner with clients, know their industries and invest in them as individuals. We provide the most comprehensive array of professional services in the area. We offer expertise in traditional accounting, retirement planning, investing, business valuation, litigation support and consulting services.  And we enrich the communities we serve through extensive volunteering and other means of support.

Our holistic approach to serving clients and communities embodies the vision of our founders, and ensures a greater opportunity for you.




LOCATIONS: Carmel, King City, Paso Robles, Salinas

The HW Advantage

Capture Your Worth
Our commitment to help you Capture Your Worth transcends black and white numbers. "Worth" is not a bottom line. It's your life story. Enriching it means that we commit to solving complex issues to enhance your business and quality of life. It means valuing our relationship, doing whatever it takes to help and working as friendly collaborators. It means supporting your growth professionally and personally. And it means our investment in the community, because we share your hometown. From these four pillars, we commit to Capture Your Worth. And we pledge to make it enjoyable.

Solving Complex Issues

The Hayashi Wayland team is known to take on the tough or complex issues of business owners and individuals – and excel. You are more than a tax engagement or audit or estate plan…you are an important story for us to hear. We want to advise and guide you through challenges, to the next leap in growth and the next generation of prosperity.  

Valuing Relationships

Hayashi Wayland keeps clients for 10, 20 even 30 years because of one simple premise — we do what it takes to solve problems and sustain relationships. Our level of service, our team’s experience and our dedication makes us the go-to firm in the market.

Supporting Your Growth

At Hayashi Wayland, clients get our best. We teach very high standards to our team members, and they stay with us for a long time. This helps us keep clients for years and sometimes for generations. We often work with organizations as they start up and support them every step of the way with tax, accounting, and consulting help, as well as with ideas and advice.

Investing in Community

At a time when you can’t count on much to stay the same, Hayashi Wayland has been constant – providing professional services and resources to clients and the community since 1976. Our involvement, attention and staying power casts a level of assurance and encouragement for the future of businesses, community organizations and families in our region.
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